We’ve missed you!


We realize more and more how important it is for us to gather, connect, and revel in the things we love. Especially during a power time like this, right after the Solstice, on the waxing Fullmoon, just before the Perihelion. We are so powerful together, and when creating our unique magick we can experience a golden age, if for just a few hours. To remind, support, build our creative force, and surf the amazing vibes we create into the glorious heights of divine ecstasy! Come celebrate with us in the ethereal realms of the interweb, and let that magick and connection flow into our individual realities together!

Revel in a thriving world of interactive metaphysical multidimensional avant-gvarde theater!

Go on a journey of ascension, from innitiation into ancient esoteric teachings, through mysterious rights of passage, into the realms of light beyond!

The Meraki, and Dance Alchemy will be performing live dance flow during the DJ sets. And playing the sacred solos videoed on the power days, and showing new dance journey video art!

We have 3 break-out rooms during the event for you to enjoy, I’m so excited about! The Tantra room, where we will have connection games and sensual energy play. Singles or couples welcome. The Initiation room where you can have a mind-blowing Cosmic Alchemy Meditation Experience! And The Reading Room, where you can have your Tarot read. Make sure to reserve your reading in The Reading Room “perks” section as spots are VERY limited.

Though multiple people can enter and benefit from the Initiation Chamber empowerments, we also have a few limited spots for direct attention in the “perks” section as well.

We have the ceremony and collective spell casting at the midpoint of the event, that everyone can participate in and benefit from the power of a collective focus. What are your dreams that you want to manifest?

At the end we have a post event hang out and cuddle puddle, where we can all relax, catch up and be social with all our friends and beloveds we’ve been wanting to see for soooooooo long 💖


The New Renaissance is an antidote, to the fear and uncertainty of these times. It’s a state of mind, and a choice to exist in it regardless of any external influence. In so doing we chose our own future, we write our own narrative born from the very source of inspiration itself, fueling the evolution of consciousness. After a dark age, there comes a slow return of all the forgotten knowledge of the previous golden age. It’s a time when we consciously chose to put our focus and energy into all the things that truly signify a golden age like art, beauty, higher consciousness, science, and philosophy. Doing so brings us into a state of thriving, and not just surviving. Now is the time to remember all the ancient wisdom and bring it into the new age through our individual gifts, whatever they may be. What are your gifts and how do you contribute to building The New Renaissance? Are you in??!

For The Renaissance!

The Muse Project is a merging of the mystical experience and a chosen art form, to create a unique and powerful artistic practice and piece of art that describes the ineffable qualities of the mystical realms. Imbued with this essence the piece can continue to emit it, and even draw the experiencer into it on multiple levels and act as a portal. This can be done with any and every art form, and all are encouraged and valuable. So if you’re wondering if your art can be a part of it, it can! AND we would love all of you to do your own muse project and send in your art piece to be posted or exhibited during the event!

Send your art to Ariane Labyrinth Pacy for submission to be exhibited during the event, or post it in the event feed.

THE MERAKI, is a metaphysical interactive multi-dimensional avant-garde performance & dance troupe. Blending skilled dancing, improvisation, and exciting choreography with ritual performance art!

The Meraki are the resident performance troupe for PhenoVibe and performs at numerous events in the conscious community. They have established a reputation for powerful unique and inspiring performances with high dramatic impact, sweeping audiences up into otherworldly realms and getting them flowing with the energies being conjured. People find themselves the sacred recipient of lavish transformational mystical experiences, feeling free to express deeper multidimensional aspects of their inner nature, and dancing wildly with the performers at dizzying heights!

Be seduced into wild transcendent mystical states and dance with us between the worlds!


The Oracle: Lola Lesly Lisner

The Crystal Wisard: Mike Bell



This will be a Zoom event and the suggested donation is $15. If you’re low on funds, you will still be welcome, and if you would like to donate more to support PhenoVibe and The New Renaissance you will be deeply appreciated. As an incentive, we will be providing “perks” for those who want to donate more, and 80% of the money will go to the artist who’s perk you are purchasing. The rest will go to creating more events like this. We will provide a full listing of pricing and perks soon!

Suggested donation for the event $15

PhenoVibe Perks


Ceremony Spell Casting (have your name read and your project empowered by Ariane and all the mystics involved during the event ceremony. Only 5 spots available) – $50


Hand Wrapped Amethyst Crystals (empowered with an hour of meditation in higher dimensional light by Mike Bell) – $20


Group Cosmic Alchemy Workshop – $20
(Jan 4th, 8-10pm)


1 hour private Cosmic Alchemy session with Ariane (schedule a time after the event)- $200


2 hour Cosmic Alchemy session with Ariane (schedule a time after the event) $400

Breakout Zoom Room Perks


The Initiation Chamber

5 minutes of direct initiation empowerment from the Oracle (only 4 spots available)- $10
10 minutes of direct initiation empowerment from the Oracle (only 2 spots available) – $20
1-hour Cosmic Alchemy session with Mike Bell (to be scheduled any time) – $111
2-hour Cosmic Alchemy session with Mike Bell (to be scheduled any time) – $222


The Reading Room

10 minute (only 4 available) $30
20 minutes (only 2 available) $45
Soul Retrieval Session (3o minutes with email support, to be scheduled any time) – $77

Artist Perks

Random unreleased original track $50
Un released track of your choosing $100

Tashka Urban: $55
Receive the full-length Medicine Music album along with SongSpell booklet holding the deep Codes embedded in the Music including:
– Binaural beats underlying each track (enhancing our brainwave state)
– The Earthgrid energy & info about the channeled messages
– Info on each chakra & embodiment on how to use each song in daily life
– Suggested gems, scents & tools to use with each song/chakra

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