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Dance Alchemy is a 6-week intensive, culminating in a Cosmic Cabaret performance event by PhenoVibe on March 30th!

You will have the opportunity to perform with The Meraki, a metaphysical interactive multi-dimensional avant-garde performance troupe. Blending skilled dancing and exciting choreography with ritual performance art!

This is an esoteric style of dance training, blending a deep mystical practice with a new kind of dance training. You will learn to see and tap into source energy and channel it through your dancing, drastically accelerating your dance mastery! In turn, your dancing becomes a vehicle for your mystical and metaphysical mastery, It’s quite symbiotic!

You will be learning deep energy work, and making lifestyle changes, so you must be ready for a radical transformation of your being! You don’t have to have formal dance training, but you MUST be able to move well and pick up choreography, be coordinated, have dexterity and flexibility, be committed to putting your all into it and practice regularly. Determination, passion, love, and dedication are a must!
The program will start February 19th, and culminate with a performance at COSMIC CABARET on March 30th! It also includes an ecstatic dance event, mini avant-garde renegade art experiences and videos. We meet 3 nights a week, 1 meditation and metaphysics night on Mondays, 2 dance class and rehearsal nights on Tuesday and Thursday. Rehearsal night will be 3 hours, and meditation night is 2 hours. 
We are looking for people who want to perform with THE MERAKI, our dance troupe! Not all students will be chosen. You must be deep into metaphysics, as well as committed to perfecting your craft as a dancer! Only graduates who fully embrace the training and lifestyle will be given the opportunity to join our dance group THE MERAKI, and perform regularly. 

Schedule and locations…


Monday 8-10 – Meditation and Metaphysics at The love Dome on 200 Lincoln blvd in Venice CA

Tuesday 8-11 – Dance class and rehearsal at 12227 Wilshire blvd in Santa Monica CA

Thursday 8-11 – Dance Class and rehearsal at 2227 Wilshire blvd in Santa Monica CA

Only 6 spots available so we can give full attention to each person’s development. All applicants must have a brief interview before registering so please contact me directly. Registration is complete once you have paid.

$360 – paid up front
$400- paid monthly ($200 a month for 2 months)
$480 – paid weekly ($60 a week for 8 weeks)

Since spots are limited, If you cancel once the program starts, you will be charged the full price ($20) for all the classes you took and an additional $50 cancellation fee.φ

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