Metaphysical Mastery | Intermediate



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Join the PhenoVibe Mystery School with this 12-week course! We meet 2 nights a week, Monday and Thursday 8-10, one Cosmic Alchemy Experience night, one Mastery class night. At the end of which you will be a certified practitioner by PhenoVibe. You can be added to our directory of practitioners on our website, and receive discounts on all PhenoVibe events, activities and products. You will also have the opportunity to participate and be a part of various PhenoVibe projects, qualify for events, workshops, classes and activities available only to the inner circle. During the course, you will receive free tickets to all Phenovibe events that take place in that time, and discounted tickets for family and friends!

You will also qualify for our METAPHYSICAL PROFESSIONAL course, for which the Mastery course is a prerequisite. The Professional course will take you deeper into turning your chosen passion into your magical path and profession. At the end of which you will receive a certification, and get listed on our website as one of our METAPHYSICAL PROFESSIONALS. PhenoVibe will promote you and the work you do, giving you exposure and access to the fast-growing magickal PhenoVibe community. You will also have the opportunity to partner with PhenoVibe on various projects and business ventures. ONLY people who have completed the professional course will be able to take the METAPHYSICAL TEACHER training!

In the Metaphysical Mastery course, you will learn to tap into the deep primordial energies of the universe, channel them into all aspects of your life to elevate your everyday existence! By bringing focused attention to areas of interest, you can take them to a supernatural level!

We will cover various meditation techniques, tapping into the elements, power days, power places, making sacred space, Dharmic practices, Karma the mind and spell casting, physical conductivity, divination, empowering objects, empathic communication and cultivating your inner circle.

I guarantee you will learn to see and work with energy as a tangible substance, or your money back! You will literally see the light, shifting multidimensional reality, past lives and other phenomena, and learn to channel it in various ways!

Class size will be limited to 10 people to give focused attention. So make sure you register to assure a spot in the group. Registration is complete upon payment, see payment choices below…

All seekers must contact me directly to apply. PM me or email me at