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Red Tantric Sourcery Intensive

September 9 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

$125 – $250


We are SO excited to offer this one week, 4 day intensive from quarter Moon to Full Moon, diving deep into some of the key aspects of TANTRIC SOURCERY!

We are so lucky to have Mike Bell joining us for this intensive! A gifted mystic, and grounded and heart-centered Tantric sourceror. I have been working with and mentoring him as a Cosmic Alchemy teacher for 7 years. I can’t wait to go on this journey together, and to be able to offer you a male and female instructor to hold sacred space and steward these deep esoteric secrets to you!

In this intensive, you will learn to actually viscerally see and interact with multiple layers of energy and electromagnetic fields. Merge with natural primal forces, purify and activate your energy body, and send and receive energy. You will be tapping into cosmic ecstasy and inner sexual power to enter into heightened states of awareness, for healing and vitality, and connecting with others in a positive healthy way that is highly beneficial for both parties. Here are some of the key skills and experiences we will be covering…

Mon Sept 9th, 8-10pm

  • Cosmic Alchemy Initiation
  • Projective and receptive focus
  • Sending and receiving energy


Thurs Sept 12th, 8-10pm

  • Chakra activation
  • Breathwork & Sounding
  • The Tantric Kegel & Orgasm Control/Edging
  • Merging & channeling the elemental energies
  • Non-physical touch/energetic touch
  • Tantric massage – energetic and physical techniques


Sat Sept 14th, 6-10pm

  • Shakti activation
  • Ecstatic stretching
  • Self-pleasuring ritual
  • Tantric edging experience
  • Building a full body orgasm
  • Channeling the power


Mon Sept 16th, 8-10pm

  • Meditation
  • Integration and discussion
  • Closing Puja

This Red Tantric Sourcery Intensive includes nudity and explicit material. Practitioners in the intensive can participate to whatever level they feel comfortable with, and don’t have to go deeper into any practice than they want, but do need to be respectful of other people who might want to. Obviously no pictures or recording devices of any kind.

This Intensive is appropriate for singles or couples. It’s your choice if you want to do the exercises solo, or with others in the intensive that you connect with, or just with your partner. Spots are limited to 16 to be able to give the personal attention necessary to make these deep shifts in consciousness, and to keep the space intimate and comfortable for everyone. Gender balance will be maintained, with the exception of same-sex couples, which are totally welcome.

Private message me directly for details.

Singles Ticket

Tier 1 – $125
(Aug 19th – Sept 1st)

Tier 2 – $150
(Aug 26th – Sept 1st)

Couples Ticket

Tier 1 – $225
(Aug 19th – Sept 1st)

Tier 2 – $250
(Aug 26th – Sept 1st)

Your Instructors…

Ariane is a lifelong mystic, and intensive practitioner of various esoteric arts for 20 years and formally teaching them for the last 8 years. She has drawn techniques and practices from multiple genres such as Tantra, Taoism, Buddhism, Toltec Sorcery, Shamanism, Vedic & Yogic, Druidic/ Wiccan, and Modern Mysticism. But everything she teaches is all personally time tested practices she knows to be deeply effective to achieve the most powerful results. She was also a professionally trained Ballet dancer and developed her own style of dance training that blends all the mystical and metaphysical techniques and abilities she developed over the years, call Dance Alchemy. She produces events and festivals with her production company called PhenoVibe, designed to immerse people in these kinds of experiences, where she performs with her dance troupe called The Meraki.

Mike Bell is an Energy worker and teacher. Utilizing ancient technologies like crystals and tantra, he has developed a system for helping people to clear the shadows and empower the light within. This is done in 1 on 1 sessions most deeply and through workshops and classes. He is always training himself in new/old ways of light work technologies, but the foundation of his work is in meditation; the one thing no one can take away from you. The element of meditation is present in all he teaches and the form of meditation is the most primal, visceral core of embracing the energy fields and the “light” of one’s awareness. Adding technologies like tantra and crystals to this baseline will then aid in deepening one’s practice and empowering their lives. Mike is a Certified Tantra Educator through a very well known and respected school of Tantra. He has gone through multiple levels of Crystal Energy work training. He has been through several levels of teacher training in meditation.

Private message me directly for details.



September 9
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
$125 – $250


Ariane Labyrinth


The Love Dome
1332 Main St
Venice, CA 90291 United States
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15 available
Tier 1 (Single)$125.00Tier 1 Ticket for a Single Person (Available now through the 1st)

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15 available
Tier 1 (Couple)$225.00Tier 1 Ticket for a Couple (Available now through the 1st)

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