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About PhenoVibe


PhenoVibe is an ascension bridge bringing the light, beauty, power, and ecstasy of transcendent higher dimensional states and realms into this world on multi-dimensional levels. For those who love the light want to explore its depths, make it a part of them, and integrate it ever deeper into their being.


Blow minds with magickal life-changing Cosmic Alchemy Meditation Experiences!

Create magickal events and experiences that open portals to these realms, and are empowered by their amazing energy and the beings who populate them.

Steward teachers in the ascension process and show them how to blow people’s minds with Cosmic Alchemy experiences, awaken their Mystical abilities, and integrate them through the ascension process!

Assist seekers in taking their passion to the next level, activating it with light sourcery and making it their personal path to ascension!

Assist seekers with integration of the light sourcery into their relationships with Tantric Mysticism!

Provide a listing of our magickal professionals that are phenomenal sourcerors/esses of light, and can bring that high level of energy and expertise to empowering your projects when you hire them!
























Phenovibe Professionals

Explore a profound experience with a trained Phenovibe Mystic.

The Meraki

The Meraki is a metaphysical interactive multidimensional avant-garde performance troupe. Blending skilled dancing, improvisation, and exciting choreography with ritual performance art!

The Meraki is the resident performance troupe of PhenoVibe and performs at all PhenoVibe events and numerous events in the conscious community.

Dance Alchemy

Dance Alchemy is a metaphysically based form of dance training, that blends mystical awareness and experiences with all aspects of movement technique, artistry, and performance art.
All seen through the lens of working with energy, creating a common essential language that facilitates people of all experience levels learning complex concepts of dance on an accelerated level, and make exciting transformations!

Mystic Online

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Mystic School

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Mystic Experiences

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